What is the address of the Aureus Nummus Gold? What is the difference between “Aureus Nummus” and ” Aureus Nummus Gold”?
The Aureus Nummus Gold address is https://etherscan.io/token/0x130914E1B240a7F4c5D460B7d3a2Fd3846b576fa. Other tokens with a similar name have no relation to www.an.gold. The terms “Aureus Nummus” or “Aureus Nummus Gold” have the same meaning, can be used interchangeably and are both exclusively represented by the address is https://etherscan.io/token/0x130914E1B240a7F4c5D460B7d3a2Fd3846b576fa.
How can I buy the Aureus Nummus?
Either directly through this website or an exchange.  The Aureus Nummus can be exchanged into a large number of  different commodities, precious metals, industrial metals, minerals, contracts, fiat currency and many more.
Are there any limits on how much I can buy?
Can I buy with credit cards?
Can I buy with wire transfer or cash payment?
Which traditional fiat currencies do you accept?

Almost all international fiat currencies, even those which do not have a spot market.

Can I buy with other cryptocurrencies?


On which exchange are you listed?

The Aureus Nummus can be bought among other on the exchanges www.probit.com and www.ledgerdex.com. We are working on more exchange listings.

Is the Aureus Nummus a security?


Does the Aureus Nummus fall under applicable SEC or Canadian security regulations?


Do you take gold or precious metals or other metals or commodities as payment?

Yes we do. Subject to applicable laws and regulations we will take precious metals or other metals and commodities as payment for the Aureus Nummus.

Do you buy back the Aureus Nummus?

Yes, we buy back the Aureus Nummus, at a discount and under certain conditions A right for redemption does not exist.

Are there private sellers for the Aureus Nummus?

Yes, there are private sellers. You need to research the market place or you ask us for a referral. You can buy from these private sellers the Aureus Nummus without going through our checkout system.

How can I use the Aureus Nummus?
As payment or savings instrument, however you please.
What is the minimum quantity of Aureus Nummus that I can buy from you?

The minimum sales amount is 1/10th of an ounce of gold bullion, which is equivalent to approximately 130 US-Dollars.

What is the maximum quantity of Aureus Nummus that I can buy from you?

There is no maximum.

Do you buy back the Aureus Nummus?

Yes, under certain conditions we will buy back the Aureus Nummus (with a discount).

What are the transaction fees related to the purchase of the Aureus Nummus?

We charge a transaction fee of 2%, which does not represent income for us but is used to cover our brokerage costs for the purchase or sale of gold or gold equivalent.

Are there any other fees?

Not from us. Other exchanges may charge fees.

How is the Aureus Nummus company then compensated and how does it pay for its general expenses, running costs and development expenditures?

A maximum number of 5.89 trillion is has been set aside to be used for R&D and financing the operating and other business costs.  Our profit lies in our  potential ability to source gold at a significant discount  through our fully permitted Latin-American and other gold operations. The discount is our profit which will be used to pay for G&A, R&D and the general maintenance costs.

Can I trust the Aureus Nummus?

You don’t need to trust the Aureus Nummus.

Trust is no issue in the case of the Aureus Nummus. Unlike traditional currencies you don’t need a trusted third party like a bank due to the Aureus Nummus’ transparent intrinsic value and decentralized organization. There is no single authority, who would be able to change or influence the value or the setup of the Aureus Nummus, as it is completely de-centralized, and functions based on community consensus of the Ethereum community. It runs completely autonomous based on its program without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud, and third-party interference

How does the Aureus Nummus tries to achieve its price stability?

For each Aureus Nummus sold, we will put the corresponding amount of gold or gold equivalent into a trust account, broker account or other account, so that at any given time any given quantity of publicly circulating Aureus Nummus is supported by gold. We will publish on this website the respective gold holding and statistics.

Can the price of the Aureus Nummus fall below the price of its gold support?

Yes, because of supply and demand. Even if the Aureus Nummus is supported by gold it may fall and rise in price. However, let us give you an example: Mike owns a 100 $ bill, Andrew comes along and offers to Mike to buy that 100 $ bill for 10 $. This sounds like a not very smart business proposition but it is still legal. If Mike, however irrational that may be, decides to sell a 100$ bill in exchange for 10 $ then this would be certainly a valid business transaction, although not a very intelligent one.

Now let’s turn to the Aureus Nummus. Let’s assume that Mike owns 100,000 Aureus Nummus coins, which are equal to 1 oz of gold or approximately 1500 USD. Mike of course may decide to sell his 100,000 Aureus Nummus coins worth 1500 USD for say 100 USD to Andrew. Again, a valid business transaction, although not a very smart one. What is the difference to the 100 $ bill transaction?

In the case of the Aureus Nummus, when Mike bought his 100,000 Aureus Nummus coins, we put the corresponding amount of gold into an account and/or vault as backup. So independently for whatever price the Aureus Nummus is sold by Mike, his 100,000 Aureus Nummus coins are still backed by one ounce of gold, which provides intrinsic value and an increased stability. The 100$ bill, by contrast, in no way is backed by anything of value, it is a fiat currency made up of a discretionary paper value assigned by the Federal Reserve.

In short: neither we nor the Federal Reserve for the purpose of the previous example are not able to prevent irrational or non-intelligent business transactions, but the backing by gold remains, whatever the price of the Aureus Nummus.

How do I get my own wallet?

In order to buy the Aureus Nummus and use it for payment transactions or savings you need your own wallet. The process in setting up your own wallet is easy. There are many wallet providers out there. Here is a (incomplete) list of those wallets known to be compatible with the Aureus Nummus.

If you want to set up your own wallet yourself please follow these steps:

  • Go to www.myetherwallet.com: You will be greeted by several safety reminders and option to create a new wallet.
  • Create a password: Use a combination of letters, numbers and symbols to make it as strong as possible. Write it down immediately and, if possible, make several copies. Then, click “Create New Wallet.”
  • Download and store your keystore file: Do it for security reasons. As you know, there can never be too much safety precautions in cryptocurrency trading. Store your keystore file in a secure location and click continue.
  • Save your private key: It may look just like a string of symbols, but this is your private key and its safety is of critical importance. Make sure to back it up and keep it safe. You can also print it to keep it as a paper wallet. Remember, there is no way to retrieve your forgotten or lost private key and password, therefore, take all necessary safety measures suggested by the page.
  • Use your private key or keystore file to open your wallet: There are many ways to unlock your wallet, but to keep it simple let’s stick with the files we just got – private key and keystore file. Select and paste your private key or upload the keystore file to unlock your wallet.
  • Congratulations, you’ve just opened your fully functional Ethereum wallet: Next time you want to access it, go to www.myetherwallet.com, click “View Wallet Info” in the top right corner and authorize yourself again.

All is left now is to load your wallet up with some Ether. If you already hold some of it, send it to your public address. MyEtherWallet also makes it easy to buy Ether via Coinbase (although it sells at a more expensive rate than usual).

Compatible wallets

These wallets have been verified to support Ethereum ERC20 coins. The list is continuously updated at Tokenmarket

Did you ever do an ICO or are you planning  to do an ICO?
Where is your White Paper?
We do not have a White Paper, nor are we planning to introduce one. White Papers are issued normally in connection with ICOs and represent usually future plans. The concept of the Aureus Nummus Gold excludes both ICO as well as the use of documents like “White Papers”.  Interested parties may consult the presentation.
Who is Simplexx Ltd?
The company which distributes and markets the Aureus Nummus Gold.
Who is Aureus Nummus Management Corporation?
The company which manages and administers the Aureus Nummus Gold.
Who is Quantum Computing Labs Corporation?
The technical development partner of the Aureus Nummus Gold.
Where is the gold stored?
Any gold is in custody of Aureus Nummus Management Corporation, whereas custody and management tasks may be outsourced to diverse asset managers.
What happens to the Aureus Nummus digital coins if Aureus Nummus Management Corporation goes out of business?
Not much. The Aureus Nummus is not part of any company, nor does it give any ownership rights in any company. It is a digital token. Its underlying smart contract is managed and verified by the public, without any interference from third parties and without any downtime. It doesn’t matter if one or more or all of its founders or promoters don’t exist anymore, the Aureus Nummus will continue to live.
And what about the gold backing? Can I exchange my Aureus Nummus back into gold?

Holders of Aureus Nummus may request to have their Aureus Nummus exchanged back into gold. Simplexx Ltd will always buy back the ANG except in the following cases: (1) Force Majeure as defined under Canadian or UK law, (2) court orders, (3) legal prohibitions, (4) liquidity problems in markets and/or business. (5)  If there is reason to believe that the requested buybacks are to be used for unlawful activities or market manipulation. Please see also the Terms and Conditions.

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