KYC Details

Information Regarding Required Documents

We are required by law to collect certain information from you. These laws require us to make sure that we identify our clients properly. We are not free to choose what type of information we collect but have to follow strict rules.

According to the law we have to collect the following information from you:

  1. Proof of your identity (passport, driver’s license, or other ID)
  2. A selfie image or video taken showing you with your ID or a sign with the date and the word”ANGOLD”

If you need help please contact us

We are happy to assist.


Please provide a copy of one the following identification documents for verification purposes:

  • Government issued driver’s license containing your photograph and signature, or
  • Passport, which is current or has expired within the preceding two years, or
  • Government issued identification card containing photograph and signature.

Please send us a good colour scan that also shows any security features.

Government issued identity card
Driver's License


Please provide a “selfie” photo of yourself either:

  • holding the identity document, you provided previously; or
  • holding a written statement of “ANGOLD” and today’s date.

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