Commodity Trading

We trade, buy and sell the following physical commodities, or its equivalents. We have developed innovative solutions on the blockchain for complete automation of commodity trading if so required by clients.

We offer tokenized commodities across a wide spectrum. Sell to us or buy from us raw gold, .9999 fine gold or other bankable units physically or in tokenized form.

Do this with any other commodity. Ask us.

In addition our platform for multi payment methods for commodity trading and our own cryptocurrency, the Aureus Nummus Gold, is at the disposition of clients. Traditional commodity trading also is available. The commodity business is handled by our Canadian subsidiary Aureus Nummus Management Corporation and our fully licensed and permitted Latin American subsidiary, Aureus Nummus Latin SAS.

We may also develop projects in the commodity sector and support them with venture capital. Please contact us with your proposal and we would be happy to look at it.

Precious Stones: Diamonds, Emeralds and all other precious stones.
Precious Metals: Gold, Platinum, Silver and all other precious metals.
Industrial Minerals: The mineral trading and asset development business consist of projects on a global basis and range from development of green field projects to modernization of existing processing plants and mines.
Minor Metals: Tantalum and Niobium, and other minor metals.
Agricultural Commodities: We invest in, operate and trade in all classes of agricultural commodities. We cover the entire range from staple crops over to animals produced or raised on farms, or plantations, and agricultural commodities with purely industrial applications.
Energy: We develop fossil energy projects as well as renewables. We believe that the two – in the public opinion –  contrary goals, saving the Earth’s climate and providing enough sustainable energy for mankind,  can only be achieved with nuclear fission and fusion.  All other forms of known energy generation may cover bits and pieces of our energy need, but based on today’s knowledge will not be enough to satisfy the ever increasing energy needs of mankind. Talk to us about your Uranium (mining) projects or other needs.
Special Materials: We source, supply or produce materials and commodities that are difficult to get in the market. Talk to us about your needs, send us your specification sheet. We cover all alloys, substances, whether organic or non-organic.

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