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The artificial intelligence (AI) robots market was valued at USD 5.23 Billion in 2019 and is expected to reach USD 12.36 Billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 28.78% during the forecast period. High adoption of robots for personal, such as companionship and entertainment, worldwide government programs to develop modern technologies, and financial assistance through government budgets or subsidies are some of the key factors driving the growth of the artificial intelligence and robots market. in addition there are massive investment programs by large and medium sized companies into robotics and artificial intelligence, which are hard to measure as their data is not publicly available for the most part.

But more importantly, the boundaries between Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics have started to blur and disappear. This is an important hallmark of an accelerating development that will lead into a world dominated by robotic activity.

We are at the forefront of what is set to become an epochal shift in manufacturing (a $12 trillion US-Dollar sector globally, accounting for 17 percent of global GDP).

The holy grail for many is the “lights-out factory”: a factory that runs itself with zero human intervention (and presumably, then, no need for lighting).

We  are actively looking for investments into projects, start-ups, small and medium sized companies, which are active in Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Talk to us !

We also are performing research into several areas of quantum-inspired software and AI technology to simulate various real-life configurations including a circuit-based quantum computer simulator, an adiabatic quantum computer simulator, and an annealing quantum computer simulator. These research and development efforts have particular importance for the implementation of the next development phase of the Aureus Nummus Gold – its application in assigning value and position data to any imaginable object. We believe that our technology will allow to simulate configurations with very large qubit counts, and to provide AI and quantum-based solutions for various business and social problems. In addition, work is done to develop a quantum device simulator to design and optimize novel quantum electronic devices.

We are working  also on quantum information software and AI solutions that provide customers with solutions to R&D challenges and quantifiable business problems, and which may assist in successfully completing the next development stage of the Aureus Nummus Gold, which is to be able to track and assign value to any imaginable object by using the Aureus Nummus Gold.

Last but not least we are working on the development of quantum based trading algorithms, with applications in the commodity sector and securities exchanges.

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