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Last Revised: 25th of October 2021

In this section “Terms and Conditions , Frequently Asked Questions” the  rules and regulations, the risks, and the governing law is described. This entire section is referred throughout the  websites and  as well as in other Company documents as “Terms and Conditions”.  Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully, as they contain very important information. In addition to the Terms and Conditions, “offering memorandums” or  a “prospectus” may exist for one or more of our products. The Terms and Conditions, the Private Offering Memorandum or the Prospectus or the Subscription Agreement together form a legally binding agreement between us and you, a potential investor, a potential buyer or a visitor.  Any person, who enters the website or  unconditionally agrees to the Terms and Conditions.

The section “Frequently Asked Questions” are not part of the Terms and Conditions, but strive to answer common questions or explain certain services, products and procedures. Important questions from users and investors will be published in the section “Frequently Asked Questions”.

Please also take note that since 2019 Canadian Persons  (“Canadian Person” means a any legal or natural person, which resides in Canada or which has his/her/its habitual presence in Canada) are excluded from buying any securities or the Aureus Nummus Gold or any other crypto token from us. Since 01 October 2021 United States  Persons (“U.S. Person” means a U.S. Person as defined in Rule 902(k) promulgated under the United States Securities Act.) are excluded from buying any securities or the Aureus Nummus Gold or any other crypto token from us. Please note that this is NOT an order imposed on us by any authority, but simply our own decision. This decision has been made by our directors with the objective to protect the Company, its clients, its employees and its related parties against  possible negative consequences from having to maneuver in a constantly changing legal landscape regarding cryptocurrencies and related securities. As soon as a firm and above all reliable set of rules and laws will exist in Canada and the United States, we will open  the sale of our services and products also to Canadian Persons and United States Persons.

A potential buying opportunity for Canadian Persons and United States Persons are the secondary markets. There are secondary markets over which we have no control;  therefore Canadian Persons or United States Persons can purchase on these secondary markets our securities or the Aureus Nummus Gold, if permitted by law. Examples of these secondary markets would be Probit Exchange, Uniswap Exchange, the Vienna Stock Exchange and other exchanges mentioned here on this website. Please note that potential buyers and investors on secondary markets are fully and solely responsible for the compliance with any laws, and we decline any responsibility for activities on secondary markets.

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Terms and Conditions:

The Terms and Conditions consist of the following parts – please read them carefully:

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