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Welcome to the Aureus Nummus Gold. We are pleased to offer a new payment and savings instrument that, as we hope, will successfully complement traditional fiat currencies. Check in here for more news in the weeks to come.

The Aureus Nummus  Gold website and documentation will be available in English and 15 major languages by the end of September 2019: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Farsi, Indonesian, Hindi, Russian and Turkish.

The Aureus Nummus Gold has completed the first phase of its development.  The general distribution has started.  The main focus of the Aureus Nummus Gold will be on interchangeability and exchangeability in order to promote trade and commerce. Please see our BUY & SELL page and check out the different  options to buy and sell the Aureus Nummus Gold through a wide range of  commodities and fiat currencies.

The team of Aureus Nummus Management Corp, has become aware that apparently Telegram channels, Facebook pages and other social media  are operated under the brand name Aureus Nummus or Aureus Nummus Gold, which however are in no way related to us, our company or our own Telegram channel.

The only legitimate  Telegram Channel for Aureus Nummus Gold can be found here:

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As for the other social media, please check

All other Telegram groups or channels, Facebook pages, et cetera are fake and fraudulent in nature. PLEASE ALSO CHECK TH SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS ON THIS WEB SITE. DO NOT FALL FOR FRAUD AND PHISHING.

Also as a reminder, NOBODY from the team of Aureus Nummus Management Corp will ever initiate contact. We NEVER send out unsolicited communications. We do NOT make cold calls. We NEVER approach anyone with business proposals. If someone wants to make business with us, we must be contacted first. If you receive unsolicited emails or other unsolicited communications claiming to be from us, please review for fraud and contact us if you are in doubt. Also we do NOT run bounty programs or any other marketing programs. Any marketing program is published on  Anything what is not published on, is not authorized by us.


The team of Aureus Nummus Management Corp proudly announces that as of today the Aureus Nummus Gold coin has been included for trading on ProBit, one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges.

Happy trading and thank you for your continued support. Please join us on our journey to hopefully become the world’s leading non-legal tender currency.



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