Submit Your Investment Proposal

If you would like to share your ideas, business, or feedback with us, please make a first contact through the contact form. Once contact is established we will provide you with an email or a physical address, to which your presentation and other information material should be sent. All business plan submissions must include a clear description of your operations and current progress, preferably in the form of an investor deck.

Content of the Investment Proposal

In order for ΔN Aurum Dynamics Corporation to be able to process and make an initial assessment of an investment application, it must contain a detailed presentation of the investment proposal and a draft or the final version of a private placement memorandum (PPM) that includes the following information:

  1. The management team’s experience, investment credentials, and composition (including aspects of gender equality).
  2. The required investment parameters (including the required size of the investment), structure of the management team and the company, its governance and decision-making process, and proposed terms.
  3. Market opportunities, including business flow, competition, and syndication partners.
  4. Strategy, including areas of focus with regard to geography and industries/sectors, capital allocation, expected return, and a plan for raising capital with a list of other investors.

Our Investment Process

  1. We treat all investment proposals equally and evaluate them all with the same analysis model. In cases where applications do not result in investment, we provide clear feedback to the teams that submitted proposals.
  2. We want to give the teams of the companies we work with full insight into what is required and expected. Therefore, it is important to have clarity throughout the investment process. Every investment comes with the active participation of ΔN Aurum Dynamics Corporation in varying degrees of engagement. Our common efforts can be the difference between whether a company is successful or not. Our goal is to help the management team and provide the company with support to raise enough capital.
  3. The investment process does not always result in an investment. Sometimes our investment is not needed, and the company can raise enough capital on its own. Sometimes the investment proposal does not meet our requirements. If that’s the case, we give detailed feedback so that the company and its management team has the opportunity to adapt its strategy or change its structure and re-submit to us a new investment proposal at a later date. For questions about the process, please contact us.

From Proposal to Investment

  1. Investment proposal submission: A proposal to invest in a company or project is submitted to ΔN Aurum Dynamics Corporation. First contact has to be made through the form of the contact page of this website.
  2. First Assessment: investment proposals that do not fit into our basic investment strategy will receive an immediate negative response, together with an explanation of the reasons. Like most other investment companies, we also work, operate and invest based on certain investment strategies and fixed investment criteria.
  3. Second Assessment and Introductory meeting: If we believe that there is a potential fit, we will analyze the investment proposal and your documents in more detail. After completion of that in-depth analysis, we will invite you to an introductory meeting in order to discuss the proposal. After this meeting, an assessment will be made regarding potential next steps and whether the investment proposal meets our criteria and if the required investment amount fits into our general investment strategy.
  4. In-depth meeting: If the investment proposal meets ΔN Aurum Dynamics Corporation’s criteria and is deemed interesting, the management team will be invited to present their proposal in detail to ΔN Aurum Dynamics Corporation.
  5. Due diligence: ΔN Aurum Dynamics Corporation meets the company’s management team to conduct a deeper evaluation of the proposal. Prior to the meeting, the team is asked to fill out a questionnaire for the usual due diligence process (DDQ – Due Diligence Questionnaire).
  6. Investment decision: ΔN Aurum Dynamics Corporation decides whether it should invest into the company. Prior to the decision, a so-called “term sheet” (a document with main conditions) will be prepared and background checks are made of the team’s members.
  7. Investment Agreement: Prior to an investment commitment, an investment agreement and any side agreement will be signed.
  8. Management and follow-up: Once the company has received the requested investment, the management phase begins. During the duration of the investment, will be prepared monitors the company’s development and participates in the company’s advisory committee. ΔN Aurum Dynamics Corporation does not participate in
    management decisions.


Examples of Economic Sectors

The following list contains examples of economic sectors in which ΔN Aurum Dynamics Corporation is interested.
This is not a complete list.

Buy Outs
Securities – Commodities – Special Situations


There are several types of investments we are interested in:
  1. Securities
  2. Commodities, above all precious metals
  3. Special Situations
  4. Information Technology, Blockchain and Crypto

Investments into Gold


We invest into most types of precious metals, from start-up to advanced projects and companies.

Securities and Bonds


Buy-Outs and acquisitions of securities and bonds of start-up companies, venture capital opportunities as well as mature companies.



We syndicate investments into Venture Capital and Special Situations. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Purchase of Crypto Assets based on commodities


We buy or invest into crypto assets, whose intrinsic value is based on or tied to commodities, above all precious metals. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Fiat Currencies


We invest into Start-Up Companies and Special Situation Opportunities regarding fiat currencies, as well as directly into fiat currencies.

Payment Providers


We invest into Start-Up Companies and Special Situation Opportunities, which have to do with the providing of payment services.

Industrial Investments


We invest into Start-Up Companies and Special Situation Opportunities in the industrial sector. We have a special interest and focus on Industry 4.0 and robotics.



We invest into Start-Up Companies and Special Situation Opportunities in the agricultural sector as well as Agricultural Commodities.



We invest into Start-Up Companies and Special Situation Opportunities, which have to do with exchanges in general terms. These can be for example financial exchanges or
crypto asset exchanges, any others



We invest into Start-Up Companies and Special Situation Opportunities in the energy and the energy storage sector. These can be for example energy deliveries. Or also oil, gas, uranium, electricity contingents, as well as energy participations. All forms of energy and energy storage are of high interest to us.



We invest into Start-Up Companies and Special Situation Opportunities in the precious stones sector. We also are interested in acquiring directly diamonds, gems and most other precious stones.



We invest into Start-Up Companies and Special Situation Opportunities in the technology sector. This includes information technology, space and aeronautics technology, robotics, medical technology and many others.

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