Sebastian is the CEO of Aureus Nummus Management Corp. He is responsible for the overall management of the company. He specializes in genetic engineering and neural networks. Sebastian is overseeing the entire management and public relations. His mission is to bring payment services to those who are unbanked.

Yenifer is managing the entire administration, accounting and regulatory affairs. Throughout her career, Yenifer has helped technology and commodity companies drive fundamental change in the financial industry. She is an industry expert on blockchain and commodities. Yenifer also works with industrial companies, businesses, organizations and governments to help shape new payment practices.

Jacob is a physicist by training and is responsible for the overall technical development of the Aureus Nummus and the management of the entire technical aspects of the business operations of the company as well as the Aureus Nummus

Dr. Glawitsch is the chief counsel of the global Aureus Nummus operations. He brings more than 30 years of legal experience to the role with expertise in financial services and regulatory affairs.

Carlos, like Jacob a retired LEAF member, is managing the precious metal and commodity business. He has 20+ years of leadership experience in business development, strategic planning, business operations and corporate development. He is in particular responsible for the sourcing of gold.

The team of US based Quantum Computing Labs Corporation,  Dr. Jacob, Rakesh, Tom, Priyank and others contributes with software and cutting edge technology to the project and its further development. He specializes in AI, robotics, machine learning, deep learning, blockchain and is responsible for solidity, convolutional neural network programming and other software engineering. The team also has conceived phase two of the Aureus Nummus Gold, where they apply their 20+ year expertise in AI and neural networks.For more information check

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